Living with hpv, and getting rid of warts

Warts on Face – Facial Warts Treatment

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Have you seen warts on face or do you suspect you have facial warts? Warts that grow on people’s faces are caused by the same virus that is also responsible for the other types of warts. This virus is known as the human papillomavirus, HPV. The sad thing is, there are various types of strains of the HPV virus that commonly infect human beings. Many people are desperately looking for ways to remove the warts on their face and most of them would prefer home remedies to remove facial warts rather than surgical methods, this is because surgical methods will most likely leave scars.

Numerous and versatile strains of HPV are responsible for the various types of warts that grow on human faces. Good thing is a majority of people have strong immune systems that help fight off the HPV virus.
Children are the most commonly affected people by warts. But since some adults get affected as well it would be advisable if I added that usually the strain of HPV virus that causes warts on the face enters through cuts and small nicks in the skin of your face.

HPV virus thrives on the top layer of your skin thus leaving the warts on your face skin colored and either appears to be light or dark brown. Yes it is entirely possible for more than one type of wart to grow on your face but the most common wart that grows on the skin is the flat warts.Facial warts

HPV virus causes nonmalignant as well as benign skin tumors on the face. Warts on the face are caused majorly by direct contact or even by touching a towel or cloth that has been used by an infected person as well.

Facial warts treatment

Facial warts treatment comes in various ways, methods which are all effective and will remove warts from your face. Facial warts treatment are sold over the counter in form of topical ointments as well as various natural remedies for wart removal.

You can also visit with your doctor as well as your dermatologist who shall examine the warts and also may prescribe other various methods of removing warts and within no time your face will become cleared of them.

One thing you should know is, the most effective topical ointment wart removers are those that have vitamin A and those that contain Aloe Vera in them. The trick is, as much as you are applying the ointment on the wart, you should be careful not to let the ointment touch the unaffected area since it will also dry that are up as well.

Plenty of the natural remedies that are used in removing warts from your face have been proven to be effective and these natural remedies include: castor oil, onion juice, sesame oil and garlic. And a majority of users have had success using them but they are not effective for everyone and you should visit with a medical practitioner if the symptoms persist.

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