Wart Stick – Pedifix Wart Stick Review

Warts refer to non-cancerous tumors that that can occur on any part of the body. They are mostly non-malignant and they are caused by different strains of the fiendish papilloma virus.

There are different types of warts and this depends on the region of its occurrence. Plantar warts are those associated with the foot region, common warts are associated with the hand region and so on. To help identify, warts are pale, skin colored growths with a rough but sometimes smooth surface.

A wart stick is used for the purpose of wart removal on the skin; the wart stick comes loaded with maximum strength of salicylic acid which is rated by doctors worldwide as the best acid to be used in wart removal.
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Wart stick can be used to remove plantar warts and common warts. Many people that have used this product say that they were able to get rid of their warts within a few days and were shocked to have used a product that really worked because a majority of the products they were using were providing no solution.

In order to use the wart stick effectively all you need to do is ensure you isolate the wart to make sure that the medicine (salicylic acid) doesn’t get in-touch with the good skin. This procedure should be done especially on small warts.

The procedure of using a wart stick is simple, you are instructed to take a large plastic bandage which you will proceed to cut off the two sticky sides of the stick (wart). You should take one of the sticky sides and with the backing still on it make a small hole in the center which is bigger than the wart.

Apply it on your wart while the wart is sticking out of the hole. This procedure should be done after you have taken a shower because then the skin is soft and most penetrable. If your wart refuses to budge just continue applying the medication for around 3-4 days and leave it uncovered and un-medicated for at-least two days so that the wart hardens enough and peels off.

Pedifix Wart Stick Review

Pedifix wart stick wart remover is used for the purpose of getting rid of unsightly warts without making the user worry about scrapping, cutting or having to apply messy, slimy liquids. The Pedifix wart stick wart remover helps people avoid visiting with a medical practitioner thus saving them tones of money.

All you are required to do is purchase the wart stick (Pedifix) and get started on rubbing the soothing stick on the wart and remember to cover the rubbed area with a bandage or duct tape. Continue doing this for several days continuously and within a short time, you will see the warts shrinking painlessly on their own and will eventually disappear!

Many Pedifix wart stick reviews have been done by numerous people that have used this wart stick and they all go ahead to conclude one thing, that this is a wart stick that is great and does deliver awesome results no matter how hard the wart is. So using a wart stick for your wart removal is a great way to ensure you get rid of the wart from the comfort of your home!

Pedifix Wart Stick Reviews by Real Customers

Here are what some customers had to say about this product

“I was horrified when I found not one but two plantars warts on my 7-year-old’s feet…. Over the course of a few weeks I rubbed the stick onto my daughter’s warts, and occasionally used an emery board to take down the surrounding callous and dead wart off the top… No pain, no smell, no mess, and the warts just go away. What more could you ask? I’m a very happy customer.”

“This thing is better than the fluid wart removers because:wart stick - predifix wart stick review
1.The wax base makes it easier to place EXACTLY.
2. The acid is 45% rather than the usual 15%.
I rub some wax on a band aid, and then put the band aid just where I want it. I seal the band aid with waterproof adhesive tape and wear it for a few days.

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In spite of all these testimonies, several other customers were not as happy about this product. A particular case was when a customer complained saying “OK this stuff is terrible. These reviews have to be fake. Also it’s hard to really target just the wart since the stick is so big.”

Considering over 90 Pedifix Wart Stick Reviews by real customers and with a majority of favorable reviews, it is very evident the pedifix wart stick works well to remove warts.

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