Living with hpv, and getting rid of warts

Tips On How To Cure Genital Warts In Men

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Genital warts in MenGenital warts in men are a prime symptom of Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Often, one might not find any other symptom of being infected with HPV other than warts. Genital warts can spread between sexual partners and can lead to cancer of the penis and anus, and cervical cancer in women.

Following are a few tips to cure genital warts in men:-

1. Apply topical gels or creams to a visible wart. A word of caution- use only medicine that has been prescribed for genital warts. Purchasing any wart removers gel or cream off the shelf can seriously cause irreversible harm to abdomen and groins. Such a treatment may be required for a few weeks.

2. A home remedy for wart removal is a process of Freezing warts called cryotherapy, though it is carried out in hospitals too.For this one can use a homemade ice pack Warts, usually, the ones occurring on the penis and anus are frozen by splashing nitrogen.Here the aim is to reduce the metabolic rate of warts by bringing down the temperature and hence kill those cells gradually. The skin of warts dries and slowly peels off. Anal warts may claim a repeated treatment as they are harder to cure.

Wart Removal!

3. Another home remedy for wart removal is diathermy. Burning warts is called Diathermy. Again it can be done both at home using a heat pack/ hot water bottle or at a medic’s. For that matter, any treatment using heat as the cure is referred to as diathermy in medical parlance. For this kind of treatment use of a local anesthesia is a must.

4. Getting an Interferon injection is another way. Interferon is an antiviral drug, that is injected directly into the wart. Treatment by using Interferon is appropriate when other treatments have not proven to be successful. Symptoms after treatment may include flu-like symptoms and swelling at the site if injection.

5. Pruning away warts is another remedy. This is beneficial to use when you have a great number of warts at a readily accessible place, eg. penis. Bleeding usually stops by suturing and diathermy is not necessary. Tenderness and scarring are common side effects that can occur.

HPV or genital warts in men can appear or return at any time.

Since HPV Accepts no cure, the infection relapses more often than not. Following these tips and warnings can reduce your chances of contracting HPV and subsequent development of genital warts:-
1. Refrain from having sex in case of a doubt on your partner of HPV. Abstinence is the only method that will completely protect you from contracting HPV.

2. Use a rubber. Condoms can remarkably reduce your chances of contracting the HPV virus, but they do not guarantee 100% protection.

3. Use a spermicide. Although spermicides can reduce your chances of contracting the HPV and thus developing warts, they do not guarantee foolproof protection.

4. Get regular checkups. If you are sexually active, it is important to see your healthcare provider annually. Ask your medic for a checkup and scan yourself for STDs.
HPV is a condition that should be taken seriously. The virus may cause cervical cancer or cancer of the rectum. If you think you have been exposed to HPV, see a doctor as soon as possible.

It is a known fact now with medics that HPV contraction causes genital warts in men. Through a recent finding, it is now known that HPV can cause virtually all kinds of cervical cancer. HPV also plays a role in rare forms of cancer in men, usually as a result of having sex with other men.

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