Living with hpv, and getting rid of warts


The Destructive Effects of HPV

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Many surveys around the world show that the number of people who engage into sexual relationships has increased and the people who engage in it get younger and younger. For most of the people who engage in it, sex is a necessity that needs to be satisfied. It is truly evident in men. Coupled with curiosity, and lack of guidance in the side of the parents, teachers and the community, the craving for sex is totally imminent.

The surveys also show an increasing rate of people who are affected with the sexually transmitted diseases. And as of now, these sexually transmitted diseases are still on- study and there are no vaccines or any kind of medication available in case you are affected. Also, previous studies show that sexually transmitted diseases are long- term diseases.

One of the many types of sexually transmitted diseases is HPV or Human Papillomavirus. Technically speaking, these viruses are capable of infecting mammals and birds. In human cases, HPVs establish an infection only on the skin region of the human body. Of the roughly 200 types of these diseases. around 40 is passed through sexual contact and are classified into which specific type of virus infects you. Mostly, these infections cause warts around the anogenital region. and in some cases it causes cancer in penis and anus in men. It also causes head and neck cancer (tongue, tonsils and throat).

Does HPV go away?HPV Warts

The main question to be raised right now is that, does HPV goes away on its own?  Fortunately, there are means of getting rid of HPV once you are infected with it. Though, there is still no cure of the virus itself, but there are means of curing the virus’ destructive effects. The genital warts can be removed by surgery or frozen off; also it can be treated by over the counter wart removal medication. However, the warts come back sometimes after a few months. While the cancerous effects of the virus is cured using the state-of- the art cancer curing processes such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

HPV is a life- time disease which only means it does not go away on its own. However, the types of HPV that cause genital warts, most of the time does not lead to invasive cancer and also the warts itself is not painful most of the time. Having HPV does not mean the end of one’s life; the person can still have normal lives.

HPV testing for Men

So far, there are no test to find HPV in men since there is still no available technology that recognizes the HPV caused warts and cancers among men. However, there are a number of tests available which are not recommended since it only lacks to provide the complete information about the cancer. Also, formation of genital warts does not immediately mean that you have HPV already. You need to seek medical prescription once you have genital warts. In case you have the symptoms, the most effective thing to do is to seek medical prescription.

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