Living with hpv, and getting rid of warts

All you need to know about Genital Warts

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Genital wartsGenital warts are not the same thing as common warts. These type of warts are small growths or bump usually found around the sexual organs of a man or woman. They are also known as Venereal warts. It appears so small that they are not noticed.

Genital warts are often associated with sexual activities. If one’s partner has warts around their sexual organs, there is a 100% chance of the other partner contacting it. Sexually active persons are at risk to contract this wart. Even with the use of contraceptive, it is transferred just by touching one’s’ partner. Warts generally are nasty to look at, one has to be careful not to contract this infection.

Causes of genital warts

Human Papilloma Virus(HPV) is the virus that causes warts and other life-threatening infections. There are about 100 types of HPV. Out of 100, 40 HPV types can cause genital warts. Venereal warts occur in moist areas around the sexual organ. In women, it could grow around the labia minora, vulva, cervix and vaginal opening. For the men, it could grow on the shaft of the penis and the scrotum. Genital warts also grow on the anus and the anal canal for both men and women. Other odd places where genital warts grow is in the mouth or throat.

Signs and symptoms of genital warts

In most cases genital warts show no symptoms, most persons get to notice these harmless bumps, then over time it increases in size and spreads. While some other person’s experience

  • Itching and discomfort around that area
  • Smelly discharge from the genital area
  • Bleeding during intercourse
  • Several warts close together that take on a cauliflower-like shape

Prevention of Genital Warts

Genital warts could be prevented by stopping all activities that could cause you to contract genital warts. Which includes contracting the HPV strains. There is an HPV vaccination, this is an effective way of preventing HPV infections. This vaccine can be administered to persons who have not yet had their first sexual experience. Children from 11 and 12 years and adults without sexual experience can be vaccinated to prevent future cases of HPV infection.

This vaccine is preventive, not therapeutic. Another preventive measure is by staying with just one partner who does not have the virus. Abstinence is an effective way of protecting oneself from HPV and genital warts. If abstinence is not a choice for you, make use of a condom. Condom still does not stop the transmission of the HPV strains that cause genital warts.


Treatment of genital warts

They are a lot of treatments for genital warts There are home remedies which can get rid of warts just by using items that are in our kitchen. We also have products that remove genital warts. Not every over the counter product that works for common warts, work for genital warts. Firstly the description of the product should tell you the type of warts it treats. A certain method that works for one person may not work for you.

There is no harm in visiting a doctor for genital warts removal.  A lot of persons are embarrassed when it comes to getting their warts removed by their doctors. But with the location of genital warts, if home remedies do not work for you, do not stay at home waiting for it to go on its own. Visit a doctor to get rid of your genital warts. Note that the treatment for genital warts cannot be used as a vaccine for HPV. The treatment products are different from the vaccine drugs.


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