Living with hpv, and getting rid of warts

Is There A Permanent Treatment For HPV

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  1. Introduction

Different misconceptions have been nursed and passed around, giving people the wrong information about the Hpv treatment. These misconceptions lead people to believing all sort of things that are not true about the virus.

This article will help provide an answer to some of the questions you might be having concerning the subject matter. One of the questions that have been asked is if it stays forever or if there is a permanent treatment for HPV.

hpv infection

What is HPV?

HPV stands for Human Papillomavirus. It is a virus that has about 150 infections transmissible mostly by active engagement in sexual activities. It is a very common sexual infection and has preventive measures and treatment methods for it.


Who Contracts HPV?

Anyone actively engaged in any sexual activity is very prone to contracting this virus. It does not matter if you are a female or male. Once you’re sexually active, or you engage in anal, vaginal, or oral sex. There is a huge chance that you will contract the infection when you meet with a carrier. 


What are the symptoms of HPV?

Sometimes, HPV does not show itself. It can live in the body of the individual for years without the person knowing. Mostly, it goes away on it’s own without the person even noticing but when it doesn’t go away, warts  begin to appear as a result of the infection.

There are different types of warts; plantar warts, common warts, flat warts and genital warts. Each type of wart could surface as a result of any of the HPV strains.


How Can Genital Warts Be Treated?

There are very many different treatments that could be used to remove genital warts including waiting to see if it disappears on it’s own. Other vivid treatments include the use of acid medicines, laser therapy, creams, and ointments.

Any of these methods applied will not just remove the warts, it will also remove any possible discomfort caused by the warts like itchiness. However, you need to consult your medical specialist to recommend the best possible treatment procedure for the genital wart.

The treatment that he recommends will largely depend on these criteria; location of the wart, number of warts, and possible side effects of the treatment method selected.

So to get proper treatment, visit your health care specialist, discuss the best treatment option for you and also draft a medical follow up as well.


Will Removal of The Warts Cure The Virus?

This is a very popular misconception about the removal of warts and HPV. Please note that, the removal of the warts does not remove the virus as well. You could remove the warts and the virus would still be there and in some cases the warts even return.


Will I have HPV forever after contracting it?

Before this time, when researchers could not find a cure, they assumed that the carrier would host the virus forever. However, that notion has been rivaled with the discovery that some people’s immune system fight off the virus. This works for most people but for others, the virus just remains. Most times, even if the virus goes away, you might also contract it again by having sexual contact with another carrier.


Is There a Permanent Treatment For HPV?

Concerning a permanent treatment, there is none yet apart from the ability of a natural immune system to ward it off. Nonetheless, there are treatments for the warts and vaccines to help prevent the contracting of the virus. The age range for the taking this vaccine is 9-26 years and if a teen takes it before his 15th birthday, he is to take it twice only. However, if a male teen of 15 or over has never taken a shot, then he will need to take three shots.


How Do I Prevent HPV?

Apart from the use of vaccines, the only other guaranteed way to prevent HPV is to abstain from any casual sexual activity that could pass it to you. Peradventure you have a very active sexual life, then you should constantly use protection to guard yourself from getting the infection. Simply put; abstain completely or employ the use of a condom. Lastly, this virus is transmitted sexually from person to person meaning that maintaining a monogamous relationship could also help to reduce the chances of contracting it.



The most inquired information has been provided for your perusal. Treating accordingly and providing answers  to the several common misconception of HPV.

There is no permanent cure for the Hpv.

There is one means you can try though; build your immune system. If some immune systems can ward it off, then it means yours can be that healthy remove it as well. So far, this is the only other way and you should imbibe it.

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