Living with hpv, and getting rid of warts

HPV In Men – Is There An HPV Test For Men?

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The HPV viruHPV Test for mens are tiny viruses which invade the epithelial tissues. They are categorized as low or high risk hpv. The high risk types can easily develop into an unrelenting infection. They are responsible for invasive cancer of penis and anus and high risk dysplasia whereas the low risk hpv contributes to the development of low risk dysplasia and genital warts. The HPV virus also attacks larynx, mouth, nipples and esophagus hence the need for hpv test for men. However, there are no hpv tests that have been recommended for men.

Risk factors and causes of hpv: HVP in men is transmitted through sexual contact. HPV remains the most common STD and infect an estimated 75 to 80% of the populace. Despite its wide spread, only 1% of the infected persons develop genital warts. HPV infection is manifested as genital warts in males. Some of the risk factors include, engaging in sexual intercourse at early stages of life, weak immune system and smoking.

HPV Treatment for Men

The core objective for treatment of HPV in men is the permanent removal of warts. The treatment can yield wart-free episodes, however recurrence is rampant. Currently there is no available treatment that will completely eradicate the  virus but there is enough evidence indicating that the disease can be curbed through the treatment of genital warts. On treatment, the warts will be eradicated within a period of three months. A test for men can then be done to confirm that the wart infection is gone.
The medical procedures that can be administered by a medical expert comprise cryotherapy together with 15% to 20% of podophyllin resin treated in a benzion tincture, about 85% of bichloroacetic or trichloroacetic acid.

Wart Removal!

Diagnosis and Treatment of HPV in Men

Imiquimod and Podofilox are the topical drugs which have been approved for treatment of the external genital wart and have undergone the test for men. Podofilox improves the immune system by initiating the production of cytokines and interferon. Imiquimod is an antimitotic drug, nonetheless, the precise mechanism of action remains unclear. People who are infected with the disease need to be counseled on how they can use these drugs properly.

hpv in men

Patients who are using Imiquimod should apply it 3 times a week until the warts disappear or can be a maximum of sixteen weeks. The recommended time to apply it is bedtime and washed off ten hours later. The other medicine (padofilox) must be applied twice per day continuously for the next three days, and then suspended for 4 days. This cycle should be repeated until the warts are eradicated or a maximum for 4 cycles.

Surgery: The other treatment method is surgery. The genital warts can be removed through surgical procedures, this is the most effective mode of treatment among the treatment methods of HPV in men.

HPV Vaccine for Men

Gardasil, which is a noninfectious quadrivalent vaccine developed from extremely purified virus-like substances of the capsid major (L1) is an effective vaccine for men. It is more effective for the treatment of low risk HPV. The merits of extensive vaccination include the reduced transmission of HPV and improved “herd immunity”.

A major multinational pharmaceutical firm has produced a bivalent vaccine known as Cervarix. This vaccine has proven to be effective in preventing the spread of the 2 common types of high risk HPV (which are HPV 16 and HPV 18). This vaccine is currently undergoing stage III trials of hpv test for men.

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