Living with hpv, and getting rid of warts

HPV Wart Treatment, Wart Treatments To Consider

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Warts are these random bubbles that pop out on different parts of the body. Warts form without any signs. They make one clueless about where they got it from. Usually, warts are the most common signs of hpv wart treatmentan HPV virus.

What are HPV warts?

HPV or the Human Papillomavirus, is a group of more than 150 kind of viruses which usually causes warts in the genital area.

There are different kinds of warts, caused by type 6 and 11. Which usually appears in the mouth, or genital areas like the vulva, cervix, anus, rectum and private parts.

Noticing HPV Wart

Sometimes, when you are no looking for it or do not go for a check- up with your OB- GYN, you may never know that you have warts in your private parts. It is usually just then when a person discovers what is down there.

With genital warts passed only through the skin- to- skin contact after a sexual contact, people may feel something weird or change in their body when they contact the HPV here are some symptoms that one can check out or look out on when things do not feel like normal.

*  Usually, for women warts grow on the vulva, cervix, upper thighs, the vagina and the anus. For men, it appears on the penis, scrotum, and urethra.
* They are usually visible and tiny, which can be difficult to feel and see which is why people do not know that they have them
*  Another thing that makes it hard for you to notice them is that they can appear flat or small bumps with a smooth texture
*They can perform individually or in groups but are usually painless. Although they sometimes get itchy and cause inflammation or in a worst case scenario, they can lead to the anus or urethra to bleed
*  One sign can be visible in your urine. If the form of your urine is a bit distorted or out of the normal flow, this can mean or signal a wart on your urethra.

Treating HPV wart

Okay, so one form of first aid when you think or feel like you have warts on your private parts is to have them checked. Just then, you will have a better grasp on whether or not you have an HPV warts situation.

When you are found to have one, you have the choice of the course of treatment that you want to go. Sometimes, warts can disappear on their own, but the risk of an untreated visible wart is the possibility of it being visible and staying at its spot or enlarging.

Below are the possible courses of treatment you can consider of course, with a guide from your doctor


Treatments To Consider

Topical Treatment – it is the kind of treatment wherein you will just apply a cream, lotion or anything chemically advised by doctors that will help to ease and to remove warts. This procedure is usually used and effective on softer warts. Here are some of the advised treatment under Topical:

– Podophyllotoxin: recommended in treating small clusters of small warts, and this cream application is usually made based on cycles.

– Imiquimod: This is often prescribed to treat larger warts. It helps in stimulating the immune system to attack present warts.

– Trichloroacetic acid: This is recommended when treating small yet hard warts, by destroying the protein which is inside the cells of each wart.


•Physical Ablation- this treatment is when you take on the action of heating or freezing warts; It usually means having it removed. This therapy is more effective than others on warts with harder or rougher feel.
• Cryotherapy: This procedure involves freezing warts using liquid nitrogen, it is recommended and usually used for multiple small warts.

•Excision: The warts are cut away in this procedure, which is why it used for small hardened warts. Be mindful that this process can cause some scarring.
• Electro-surgery: The electrosurgery is a specialist treatment, commonly combined with Excision. The large and visible warts are usually cut away with an electric current passed through a loop. Its task is to burn away remaining warts.


Most warts can be caused by a health situation, which you may or may not be aware. It is always best to have it checked right away, especially when you feel like there is something down your private areas.

Although, it is a fact that these warts can be tricky, and may not show any symptoms or visibility. Having your regular monthly check up can do the trick and discover the incoming or already grown warts. It is always best to remember that prevention is better than cure!

Lastly, make sure that before seeking any course of treatment, you seek your doctor’s approval or prescription. To avoid further health issues. Most treatments are not allowed for pregnant women.


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