Living with hpv, and getting rid of warts

What Is HPV In Men? Learn About HPV Today.

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hpv in men picturesHPV Overview

Human papillomavirus or HPV is an infection of the genitals that affects women or men who are very sexually active. HPV symptoms in men do not develop in the early stages and this is the same for women. There are over 100 kinds of HPV. Some may result in plantar warts on the hands and feet and some affect the genital areas like the vagina, vulva, rectum, cervix, penis, anus or the scrotum.

HPV in men that are low risk mostly includes conditions such as warts on the genitals while the high-risk type may cause changes in the cells resulting in the throat or genital cancers. But, a majority of HPV symptoms in men are not harmful and will go away after a period of about eight months to a year.

Symptoms and Cause of HPV

HPV is a disease that is transmitted during sexual intercourse and does not have to be contracted by way of body fluids; that is, it can be contracted when the skin touch an area that is infected. It can be transmitted by genitals touching, generally through anal and vaginal sex.

The virus is very active and contagious and may get into the skin through very tiny cuts in the area of the genitals during a sexual act. HPV in men most often occur in those whose immune system is weak. Because HPV normally does not display symptoms, a majority of women and men contract the disease and transmit it to sex partners without being aware. This article will highlight a few common symptoms and signs of low-risk and high-risk kinds of HPV in men.

Genital Warts: growths seen on testicles, penis, anus, groin or thighs; flat or raised painless warts. These may be noticed a few weeks (or months) following sexual interaction with a person infected.

Anal Cancer: pain, discomfort, discharge, itching or bleeding in the anus; lymph nodes swelling in the groin or anal area; changes in bowel movements or appearance of stool.

Penile Cancer: penis changes color, the skin thickens or tissue build-up; sore or growth on penis (usually painless but may bleed and hurt at times).

Wart Removal!

Diagnosis and Treatment of HPV in Men

To date, no general method exists to test for HPV in men. If someone has warts on the genitals, doctors might use a solution made from vinegar to aid in finding flat warts. However, when the diagnosis is made, most people are concerned with whether or not the disease can be cured.

Natural wart removal

HPV in men, though common, normally go away without leaving behind any problems. Although there may not b

e any HPV vaccine for men, genital warts or any other diseases that may come with the HPV may be treated. Genital warts may be treated with surgery, medicine, laser treatment, or a process called cryotherapy where doctors use liquid nitrogen to freeze warts then remove them.


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