Living with hpv, and getting rid of warts

HPV, HSV and HIV: What’s the Difference? (1)

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WartsMost persons get confused about which of these viruses can cause AIDS, or which causes herpes or warts. Each STD has its own symptoms and health infections it causes. It is important to know the different STDs and know the difference between each of them. Here is the breakdown of the differences between each STD:


Human immunodeficiency Virus(HIV) is a virus which destroys the T-helper cell in the immune system. The T-helper cell is a type of white blood cell also referred to as CD4 cells. It makes copies of its self and gradually breaks down the immune system. The breakdown of the immune system makes it hard for a person living with HIV to fight infections and diseases.


Herpes simplex virus(HSV) has two strains (simplex 1 and simplex 2) that can lead to genital herpes. The transmission of this virus can occur during sexual intercourse. The virus is contained in the herpes sores. Any contact with the fluid can spread the infection.


Human papillomavirus(HPV) has up to 100 strains and 40 of these strains can cause Warts. It is the most commonly transmitted STD among sexually active persons. These strains could cause genital warts and cancer. Most of the health risk associated with HPV show no symptoms. It is always advised to get vaccinated for HPV before becoming sexually active.

HIV Symptoms

People affected with this STD are not always aware they have the virus, until a very critical stage when it has developed to AIDs. Symptoms are visible from the first to six weeks after becoming infected. These symptoms include; Fever, enlarged lymph nodes, rash, joint pain.

HSV symptoms

HSV symptoms are always visible and persons always get warning signs before the infection develops. The symptoms include: Crack around the genital area, tingling, itching, and painless red areas around genitals, blisters than open and cause painful sores.

HPV Symptoms

HPV has no symptoms in some cases. Persons with healthy immune systems fight off HPV without noticing any symptom. While persons with weak immune system show symptoms like little bumps or group growths known as genital warts. Other types of warts can also grow on other parts of the body like the hands, feet, legs, face. A Severe Case of HPV symptoms is cervical cancer.

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