Living with hpv, and getting rid of warts

Curious About the Question: Does HPV Go Away?

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Does HPV go away, yes or no?

Does HPV Go Away

Does HPV Go Away

Before knowing the answer to the question “does HPV go away”, it’s better to have a basic understanding first. The Human PapillomaVirus (HPV) group is composed of about a hundred different viruses. They can be passed from an infected person to a non-infected person. It may be transferred from any kind of prolonged physical contact. There are different types that may be passed during sexual activities. It’s passed on easily, but it doesn’t mean that the virus goes away upon passing it to someone else.

It may or may not cause symptoms. A carrier of this virus may never know that he or she is having this infection because in most cases the HPV symptoms are not visible to the eyes. This virus only causes changes in the cervix cells and this same changes can only be seen in the pap test.

In some cases, the answer to ‘Does HPV go away’ is a yes. Like earlier on stated, some people are carriers but they don’t experience symptoms of an HPV infection. The HPV simply disappears from their system without complications. In other cases, it doesn’t go away before causing problems, such as warts and even cancer.

Those who have been infected by the virus may become immune to it, meaning that their immune system fights it and wins. If these people become infected by the same type of HPV that infected them before, the virus will no longer stay in the body. It will go away. However, if they become infected by another type of HPV strain, it will stay in their bodies until the immune system gets rid of it. That means they are now immune to that particular strain also.


Treatment is a big factor in determining whether HPV goes away. There are medications that fight the virus and cure the symptoms. Vaccines have come up to help in preventing the virus from entering the body and even if you have been already diagnosed and have been infected with the disease there are also medications to help. These treatments help in getting rid of the virus, though it’s possible that the virus will remain in the body.

Does HPV go away on its own?

Does HPV go away on its own? Yes. It goes away after a certain period of time, but the HPV symptoms may remain because it’s a virus and there are no cures yet for viruses.

The truth is that viral infections function for only a limited amount of time before being destroyed. Therefore if a persons body functions optimally even if the virus infects him or her it will not take so much time to go away. But all these depend on which type of the virus gets in.

Even though the hpv virus can go away on its own, if you’re diagnosed with it, or if you suspect to have it, go to your doctor. And get an authentic answer to the question does HPV go away. If necessary get the appropriate treatments because it’s best to have professional help with HPV treatment.

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