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HPV Facts You Should Know

hpv factsTrue HPV facts sometimes gets muddled up in all the information out there, that often times you are not sure which one is a true HPV fact or a myth. Human papillomavirus which is commonly known as (HPV) is a kind of virus that belongs in the papillomavirus and infects humans as well. HPV virus only infects the skin (keratinocytes) and sometimes it affects the mucous membranes.

Different types or strains of HPV virus infections have different causes and symptoms in the people they affect. A large number of HPV virus infections are not really infectious, but there are some kinds of HPV virus that causes infections such as warts (verrucae).

Some HPV virus infections that are rare may lead to different types of cancers like those of; cervix, vagina, penis, anal, vulva and oropharynx. Researchers have recently discovered that HPV infections in the rarest kinds are increasing the risk for cardiovascular disease.
Another HPV fact is that, 2 types of HPV (16, 18) virus infections are associated with increasing the risk of an infected person suffering from throat cancer (oropharynx).

HPV has different types and of those many types, 40 of them are transmitted sexually and mainly infect the urogenital region. Some types of HPV go ahead and lead to genital warts, others that are classified under persistent infection with high risks lead to development of different kinds of cancer.

HPV Facts – HPV Statistics

The American Social Health Association has approximated HPV statistics and recorded that there are 5.5 million cases of HPV sexually transmitted diseases reported annually. The Association goes ahead to approximate the infection rate is as high as 6.2 million since not every case is taken to hospital.

Shocking statistics emanating from the association still state that in America alone, more than 20 million people are affected with a type of HPV and the sad thing is, not a majority of them know they are suffering from HPV infection.

HPV Statistics recorded recently go ahead and indicate that in the whole world approximately 50% of both males and females who engage in sexual activity will suffer from HPV infection at some point in their lives.
The statistics go ahead and say that by the time women reach age 50, 80% of these women will have suffered from a HPV virus infection.

Other Important HPV Facts

A majority of the people infected with HPV, have no known symptoms, the same individuals never suffer from health problems. It is also a known fact that 90% of all HPV cases are cleared by the body’s immune system in a natural manner and in a period of two years.

HPV infections that do not go away are the cause of rare warts infections; these warts lodge in the throat and cause a recurrent respiratory Papillomatosis – RRP. HPV also causes Cervical Cancer and rare serious types of cancers such as vaginal, vulva, penis and anus cancers are as a result of HPV symptoms.

Another crucial HPV fact is that there are different types of HPV that cause different infections. The HPV virus that causes genital warts cannot cause cancer. Cancer is formed by other different types of HPV.

Does HPV go away? This is a question most people who fear they have the disease always ask. Yes, in most cases hpv goes away on it’s own but this is in cases where the infected party has a strong immune system.

HPV and Cancer

High risk HPV viral infections are as a result of all cervical cancers. HPV viral infections are also associated with causing a huge number of anal cancers and vaginal, penile, oropharynges and vulvar cancers.
It is however good to state that the high risk HPV infections can go away after a period between 1-2 and they only cause cancer if the body’s immune system is unable to fight the infection and it persists for more than two years.
These are in no way the only HPV facts and you are advised to seek further information from a specialist or your GP.

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