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How To Remove Skin Moles

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skin moles

Remove Skin Moles

What is a skin mole? Skin moles are round or oval spots that appear on the skin in any part of the body. They can be large or small, flat or raised, smooth or rough and generally appear in different shades and colours. Moles on skin can either be black, pink, brown or even red.

Moles are caused by a natural process in the skin, whereby a collection of cells found allover the skin known as melanocytes, tend to accumulate in cluster formations leading to the eventual appearance of the moles.

How To Remove Skin Moles

People tend to remove moles for different reasons, either health reasons recommended by a doctor or for cosmetic reasons. Moles can be removed through various methods depending on their size and risk of becoming cancerous. listed below are the various methods of how to remove skin moles;

  1. Moles can be removed by surgery through excision which is followed by stitches or through cauterization whereby a tool burns away the mole sealing the wound. This method leaves a scar on the skin which could be permanent. unfortunately not all moles can be removed by this method.
  2. Moles can also be removed by use of acids. This is done by applying acid on the moles which then burns away the tissue.
  3. Skin moles can also be removed by use of creams such as Dermatend which when applied on the mole, is covered with a bandage. A scalp forms and falls off by itself in about two days leaving a new clean skin.
  4. Moles can also be removed by laser treatment. This method tends to be problematic for moles with deep roots into the skin as this method does not penetrate as deep as other methods.

How to Remove Skin Moles Naturally

Moles tend to be a bother to people more than they tend to be health risks. if a mole poses a health risk it can be removed by a doctor through surgery. this is a bit costly and leaves a scar on the skin hence its advisable that if a mole does not show any signs of turning into a serious problem it can be removed through the natural methods. listed below are the instructions to follow when removing moles naturally;

  1. one should start by being examined by a doctor to see if the moles are cancerous and need surgery or whether they can be removed by use of natural remedies.
  2. list the items useful in the removal of moles naturally which includes; Cauliflowers, castor oil, garlic, honey, pineapple, fig stems, hot water and vinegar which are regarded as the most effective in moles removal and pick one out of the list.
  3. for the items listed above they can be used as explained below;
  • for either of cauliflower, pineapple and fig stems, prepare juice and apply on the moles on daily basis until they eventually disappear. the same case applies with honey and castor oil by rubbing them gently on the moles.
  • With Garlic, Grind a few pieces into a paste. Apply the paste on the moles and cover with a bandage. Do this at night and remove the bandage next morning.
  • Wash the moles with hot water five to six times a day and apply vinegar with cotton once the skin drys. Wait for 10 minutes, and rinse with cold water.

When trying to remove skin moles, you must remember it will not happen over night. You have to be persistent with your treatment and improve your life style habits. Living and eating healthy with regular exercise is important for your well being and ability for your body to produce anti bodies that fight away diseases.

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