Living with hpv, and getting rid of warts

How to Get Rid of Genital Warts

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how to get rid of genital wartsAs per one of the Research in the Dermatology Academy of America, genital warts cases are rising day by day at an exceptional rate because they are extremely infectious. Even a pregnant woman now has the chance of passing the virus over to her child. Once you are infected with the HPV virus, you will carry this virus throughout your life time as long as you survive, except in exceptional cases where hpv goes away on its own. The issue now is how to get rid of genital warts and the answer to this carries a long solution and care. The HPV virus through which it is spread if not under control may cause various health related problems and even cancer.

Getting rid of warts is not an easy thing; it requires a lot of care to achieve this. Genital warts caused by a virus named HPV (Human Papillomavirus) are highly infected sexually transmitted diseases and it is the major reason for cancers and other problems. Both male and female can be made victim of this disease and it is usually caused during the age of 18 to 35 years. These warts can be passed on from one person to another and from one part of body to another and is present on the mucous membrane or skin. Basically the membrane is the tissue that lines the throat, nose and other parts of the body.

Wart Removal!

Since it is a communicable disease, one can easily be infected by having sexual contact with another who is already infected. Furthermore, excess use of alcohol or tobacco also leads to the genital warts virus. These warts can also infect persons who are going under stress or pressure. Use of i-pills, multiple sex partners or having sex at early stage may also lead to warts.

Genital warts treatment is to be done as early as possible if symptoms like itching, pain, redness on your body, bleeding from rashes or burning is found on your body. Quick wart removal home remedies need to be done. To start with, the wart removal home remedies are free and comparably easier than other treatments. One should find the ways to check whether it exists and if it is found then precaution must be taken to prevent the symptoms from progressing. The best wart removal is to apply the apple cider vinegar to the areas which is infected through cotton and lightly massaging that portion. Also you can use Vitamin E oil in the infected areas daily 6 – 7 times and you will sooner find that the symptoms are decreasing day by day. Use of Aloe Vera will be suggested for getting rid of genital warts.

Wart Removal Home Remedies

Although treatment is not needed for most warts because, they clear up by themselves with time. In spite of this, some people still feel that they need to remove this unsightly growth. Another reason people want to get rid of this growth is because the treatment will help prevent the warts from spreading to other areas of the body. Below are two effective home remedy on how to get rid of warts.

1. Pomegranate fruit peel

This is one of the most effective, when it comes to the natural ways of wart removal. You roast the peel of the fruit and then you mix with the same quantity of the juice of a lime and then stir. The mixture will gradually become pasty. Applying this pasty mixture will help to dry the warts, making them fall off. This mix should not be applied on an irritated skin as it will sting.

2. Apple cider vinegar

Another very effective remedy is taking a spoon of apple cider type vinegar daily. This apple cider vinegar has been discovered to have loads of potassium. This potassium helps to remove warts naturally. This home remedy is also effective when it comes to removing other blemishes on the skin also.

Wart Removal!

How to get rid of genital warts is a long term process that should be handled or taken with care in order to be free from it as early as possible removing all the symptoms using home remedies. Several types of wart treatments exist and they generally involve chemical and physical destruction of the lesion. Examples of treatments are kertolysis, which refers to the removal of dead surface skin cell. This is done usually using blistering agents, salicylic acid and immune system modifiers or formaldehyde.
Another treatment is the over the counter medication. This medication can be use on any part of the body except for the face or genitals. They should be applied to the wart daily.

Another way on how to get rid of genital warts is placing duct tape over the wart to help it disappear. You wear the duct tape for about six straight days; you remove and then scrape the wart using a file. After scraping, you reapply the tape the following morning. This should be done consistently until the wart disappears. This method is effective for those whose warts are painless and those who have had their warts frozen by a doctor. If there is pain, chances are that it is infected or maybe something else, this is why it will necessary to contact a doctor to be on the safe side.


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