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Genital warts have other names such as; venereal warts, anal warts and anogenital warts. These warts are rated as very high and contagious sexually transmitted diseases which arise as a result of direct skin to skin contact during sexual escapades which can be from the traditional man woman, oral sex and even anal sexual escapades.

It is also a known fact that warts happen to be the most easily seen symptoms of genital infection. Genital warts appear on the genital area in a form of cluster which are either tiny and in some instances conglomerate and form large masses in either the vagina or penis area.

Warts in the female gender appear both on the inside and outside of the vagina; warts usually appear on the cervix, uterus, around and inside the anus. For the male gender, warts are usually not very much visible but if they are left to thrive they collect in large masses which will then be seen on the tips of the penis, on the scrotum and around and inside the anus.
Warts often appear on the inside and outside of the mouth of a person who has been involved in an oral sexual encounter with a person that has been affected, you will see the warts gathering on the tongue, lips as well as in the inside cheek and gums.

Genital Warts: Do genital warts go away?
There is no proven cure that has been discovered to help get rid of warts permanently, what there is however are ways where warts are managed, these ways help in reducing infectivity and the higher risk of transmission.
Medical practitioners go ahead and say that sometimes genital warts sometimes disappear even without having been treated. Doctors really caution against using over the counter medicine in treating warts since many of the times the infection is worsened instead of it being stopped.

If you suspect that you may be suffering from a wart infection, you should visit with your doctor who will administer tests to prove whether you are infected and up to what level has the infection reached. The doctor will then go ahead and conduct a skin treatment if the levels are low and provide you with prescription medicine that you shall be advised to apply on the infected area for a number of weeks and consecutively.

There are stages of wart infection that will need surgery for the warts to be removed so as to prevent them from spreading making you vulnerable to other diseases such as cancer. You are advised to ask all your sexual partners to go and seek medical attention so that the infection and spreading can be curbed.

Women who have suffered from genital warts are advised to keep on getting regular pap smears in order to curb any wart infection that could linger in the cervix. Visiting with your doctor even after being treated and the warts have subsided is a thing you should follow in order to ensure the warts go away for good since they have a prevalence of coming back.

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