Living with hpv, and getting rid of warts

Genital Warts Treatment – Remedies For Warts

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wartsEveryone who is sexually active always puts themselves at risk of developing/suffering from genital warts. The thing is, just like every other sexually transmitted disease, the more sexual partners you have, the higher the chance of suffering from a genital wart infection.

Genital warts are formed from an infection associated with HPV virus. The virus which causes the warts are the most contagious types of diseases that are spread quickly in sexual encounters. Anybody who is sexually active and may have more than a single partner should read this article in order to find out whether they are suffering from the infections and if so how well they can treat the infection.

It feels awful to have had your wart infection treated only for it to make a comeback after a couple of weeks/months. This, however, doesn’t mean that you are suffering from a new infection, it only proves that the HPV virus that caused the wart infestation was still doing rounds in your body.

You should know that there is no known cure for HPV infection yet and the only thing that helps rid of HPV infestation is a strong immune system.

Remedies For Genital Warts

Genital warts treatment can be done from the comfort of your own home or even under the hands of a surgeon. The remedies can be found in the home and also the hospital, however, people are warned from ever trying to use over the counter medication that is used to treat warts on hands and feet to treat genital warts.

Over the counter, wart removal medicine can cause skin irritation around the genital area since it is such a sensitive area. If you are home and have noticed the appearance of genital warts, you should try using remedies such as apple cider vinegar which you can sprinkle on warts.
You are however urged to dilute the apple cider vinegar since it is so strong that it can burn you. Using green tea on your warts is another safe way to go.

At home genital warts treatment options.

If your wart infection is high or even if you have tried different home remedies over a period of time and they seem not to have gotten rid of warts, it’s time you consulted with a medic. The medic will go ahead and assess the type of wart infection and will go ahead and wartsprescribe either one or two types of cream you can apply on warts.

There is one type of cream that boosts the immune system triggering it towards the removal of warts. The other type of cream uses its natural ingredients to completely destroy the wart tissue.

Natural Genital Warts Treatment

There is natural genital warts treatment you can use from the comfort of your home. Some treatments such as using duct tape which you cut into a sizable size that covers the wart and you have it on for about two days.
You should remove the tape and apply a fresh one every two days for a period of two weeks and you will see the wart disappear.

Wart Removal – How To Remove Warts at Home

Watch this wart removal video and learn how to remove warts from the comfort of your home.


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