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Genital Warts – Oil-based Home Remedies for Genital Warts

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oil based treatment for genital warts


Oil-based home remedies for genital warts involve the use of oils extracted from natural resources such as plants, trees, fish etc. The use of various natural oils for HPV warts treatments can be traced back many years ago. Surprisingly, some of these oils effectively get rid of the nuisance warts within a span of several weeks.

Almost as effective as many conventional methods. The oil-based remedies are advantageous in that, these are readily available natural resources whose preparation and usage is a straightforward process. No expertise required as opposed to the conventional methods. In addition, they are free of chemicals hence the risk of harmful side effects is minimal.

The oils currently used for the treatment of genital warts includes; Castor oil, Mayonnaise Tea tree oil, Cinnamon bark, lemon oil, cypress oil, lemon myrtle oil, cedar wood, cod liver oil, sandalwood oil, cashew nut oil, fish oil, oregano oil, wormwood oil, vitamin E oil.

Oil-Based Remedies for Genital Warts

Castor Oil 

Castor oil is an extract of castor-oil plant gotten from its seed. Besides its purgative properties, it has several other medicinal benefits which include clearing of genital warts. There’s anecdotal evidence backing the use of castor oil to treat genital warts. Correctly applied, castor-oil helps clear genital warts within two weeks. There are several ways in which castor oil can be used to treat genital warts, it can be applied directly on warts alone or in a mixture.


Methods Of Using Castor Oil

Apply the castor oil directly on warts using a cotton ball. First, get the cotton ball soaked in the castor oil then place it on individual warts. Use band aid or a medical tape to hold the cotton ball in position. You only need to change the dressing about two to three times in a day.

Another method of using castor oil is by adding garlic. The two make a very effective mixture because of ailin contained in garlic. Ailin has potent antimicrobial properties and acts as an appurtenance. Garlic is prepared by either crushing or slicing the garlic clove into small pieces. Once you have prepared the garlic, apply castor oil on warts in a thin layer then apply your sliced or crushed garlic.

Use a medical tape to hold the mixture in place. This should be allowed to last all night long; therefore, this method is ideal for use at night before going to bed. Castor oil can be applied in the form of a paste, in a mixture of castor oil and corn starch or baking soda. The paste is prepared by mixing baking soda or corn starch in castor oil. Stir the mixture to get a smooth paste. Smear the paste on warts and then cover it using medical tapes or gauze.

Some people may find it unpleasant to use castor oil because of its strong repulsive smell. To curb this, one can mix castor oil with peppermint oil. This helps tone down the smell thus making it easy on one’s nose.  There are a number of oils that can be used to supplant castor oil yet producing same results.

These include:

Vitamin E oil, cashew nut oil, lemon oil, fish oil, sandalwood oil, cod liver oil, wormwood oil, oregano oil, tea tree oil.

Tea Tree Oil

tree oil

oil based treatments for genital warts/tree oil

This is an extract from Tea Tree, a small tree akin to a shrub with aromatic leaves, native to South Eastern Australia and New Zealand. This oil is highly beneficial owing to its potent antiviral properties.


Dilute Form

In this respect, it has found its use in effectively treating genital warts, normally taking around two weeks to just a few months to completely get rid of genital warts. There are several ways in which one can use tea tree oil. In most instances, the oil is used in its diluted form because it may be very irritating and painful when applied on warts in its pure form.

Commonly used diluents include olive oil and almond oil. The tea tree oil is diluted in a ratio of one to four (1:4), one tablespoon of diluent to four tablespoons tea tree oil. Prepare a dilution of tea tree oil of the ideal amount. Soak a cotton ball in the concoction and use it to apply the oil directly on warts. Swab warts a few times in a day.



The other method of using tea tree oil is in its pure form. Pour approximately six drops of pure tea tree oil in a bathtub full of warm water. Soak yourself in the water several times in a day every day.

Thuja Oil

Thuja oil is extracted from the evergreen conifer, Thuja Occidentalis. Which is common in south-east Canada and the north-eastern of United States. Its usefulness in the treatment of genital warts is accorded by its antiviral properties. Thuja oil, once applied, it eliminates the virus causing genital warts, HPV, from the affected areas.

It has been cited to have similar potency as that of tea tree oil; hence some guides on the use of home remedies recommend its use in the place of tea tree oil.

Thuja oil clears genital warts in a span of up to three months, however, there is some anecdotal evidence of genital warts cleared in a record two weeks in some people.

How to use Thuja Oil

Thuja oil can be used by both males and females and, it’s recommended for use three times in a day. For use by females, Thuja oil is mixed with thuja leaf tincture then it is applied directly on warts using a cotton ball. As for males, Thuja oil is first mixed with olive oil, and then the mixture is applied directly to the lesions.


The rest of the oils are used in the same manner. They can be applied directly to the affected areas in their pure form or as a mixture with olive or almond oil. Then, use a medical tape or gauze or bandage to cover the affected areas.  Oil based home remedies are a reliable means to treat genital warts.

They are not only affordable but also readily available and very straightforward in their use. There is no doubt on the effectiveness of these methods on how to remove warts caused by HPV.  Some help clear genital warts in a very short time, from a couple of weeks to several months.


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