Living with hpv, and getting rid of warts

Do Genital Warts Go Away?

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wartsGenital warts have been described even from ancient times as one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. But do genital warts go away on their own? In women, this is considered the main cause of cervical cancer. This infection is also called venereal vegetation or cockscomb.

Main causes of Genital Warts

This is a viral infection that is produced by a virus called papilloma – Human Papillomavirus or HPV. Until now there have been discovered over 100 types of Human Papillomavirus that infect skin cells or genital mucosa. Of these, about 30 are sexually transmitted. Some of them give birth to mutated cells in the cervix and others are directly responsible for cervical cancer in case the cervix is infected.

The main cause of transmission of the Human Papillomavirus is unprotected sex. It can be transmitted by simple skin to skin contact in the genital area. So be careful when petting and drop the idea that if you don’t have intercourse, you can’t get infected. The risk is not just during penetration, if you are naked the simple touch of the infected area can prove risky.

Another possible cause of HPV infection can be through infected underwear. As dangerous as the infection is re-infection is worse. Just by touching the infected area of the skin and then touching healthy areas the HPV virus can easily be transmitted. But do genital warts go away?

Genital warts symptoms

Infection with HPV can manifest with the appearance of some lesions.  Called warts in the genital area – vulva, penis, perineum, and anus. They can be gray, pink or red that have a soft consistency. The most common form is like a broccoli. They can present themselves flat or in more serious cases like a cockscomb. These warts are not always visible. Sometimes it is very small and impossible to see with the naked eye. In this case, the infected person is not aware of the fact that he or she is infected and can be a carrier of the infection.

For women, these warts can appear on the vulva or in the perianal area but also inside the vagina on the cervix or in the urethra. Most common genital warts symptoms are itching, burning sensation or abnormal urethral and vaginal discharge.

For men, warts can appear on the skin of the penis, the foreskin, the glands, the fren (thread penis) and perianal area but also inside the urethra. It manifests by discharges and pain during urination.

Genital Warts Treatment?

Do genital warts go away? For the moment genital warts do go away after treatment but the HPV Virus that causes genital warts is incurable. The only thing you can do is act on warts to destroy them and treat other health-related problems caused by the HPV. Do genital warts go away on their own? The answer is no they do not.

In order to destroy warts your, doctor has to use one of the following: chemical substances, electrical arch, laser or liquid nitrogen. You can find some recipes of genital warts home remedies online but the best thing to do is to prevent genital wards by practicing safe sex.

I hope this short article can answer the question “Do genital warts go away?

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