Living with hpv, and getting rid of warts

General Remedies for Genital Warts

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There are many traditional modes of treatment for genital warts. These methods have been tested and guaranteed to completely remove genital warts. Technically, all the methods featured in this article fall into two categories:

  • Topical treatment
  • Physical ablation


While topical treatments describe the use of lotions, creams and other chemical agents. Physical ablation refers to the removal of warts by cutting, heating or freezing. The chemicals in topical treatments are applied directly to warts to get rid of them. But in physical ablation, there is the use of objects to cut out warts from the skin. However, The two methods achieve one thing, destruction of genital warts tissue.


Topical treatment

Tropical treatments are ideal for soft genital warts. They may or not be used hand in hand with physical ablation methods. They include:

  1. Podophyllotoxin

Podophyllotoxin is available in liquid form. It is used for the treatment of small warts. This makes it toxic on warts tissue hence destroys it. Mostly times it is applied using an application stick directly on warts. Podophyllotoxin treatment is in cycles, the first cycle lasts three days applying the liquid twice a day. This is followed by a rest cycle of four days, no application of the drug in these days. Treatment for warts requires four or five cycles differentiated by rest cycles.

Podophyllotoxin should not be used by pregnant women.


  1. Imiquimod

It is Available in cream form. Imiquimod is recommended for treatment of larger warts. It is applied directly on warts three times in a week. It must be washed within 6-10 hours of application. Treatment lasts for several weeks.

Imiquimod works by stimulating the immune system to attack warts. However, it is not for use by pregnant women. It may cause mild skin irritation during its application.


  1. Trichloroacetic acid(TCA)

This is ideal for small hard warts and only applied to the affected area. This is because it may affect the healthy skin. Usually, it is applied once a week and this is done at the GUM clinic by a nurse or doctor.

TCA destroys proteins found in the cells of a warts tissue hence cause the death of the tissue. On application, one may experience a burning sensation lasting 5 to 10 minutes.

TCA is safe to use by pregnant women.



Physical ablation methods

These methods are ideal for hard warts and those with a tough feel. They include:

  1. Cryotherapy

This method involves the use of liquid Nitrogen to freeze genital warts.  It is ideal for the treatment of small warts located on or near vulva or the shaft of the penis. It removes warts within one to three weeks.

These Post cryotherapy one may experience skin irritation, pain, and blisters. Sex must be avoided till one has healed completely.


  1. Excision

Excision is the process of cutting warts under a local anesthesia. It is mainly used for small warts that have coalesced into a cauliflower shape.

The downside of this method is that after the procedure the area may be sore and tender for several days. Thus scarring may occur. Therefore the method is not ideal for large warts. This is why Sexual activities are not advised till the wound heals fully.


  1. Laser surgery

Laser surgery is administered by a specialist to remove inaccessible warts. By methods of physical ablation such as those located in the anus, urethra, cervix etc.

It makes use of a laser to burn and ablate warts completely under local or general anesthetic.

Post-surgery one may experience pain and soreness at the site of surgery.


  1. Electrosurgery

Combines both excision and electrosurgery to remove large warts. Which are unresponsive to topical treatments. First, the bulk of the warts is excised and then an electric current is passed via metal loop to burn the remaining piece of warts. Usually, it is done under regional or general anesthesia.


Conventional methods can be both costly and complicated. This is why they are not in the range of self-administered remedies. Because of this, it is impertinent that you follow the advice and instructions of a qualified physician. Some of these treatments have side effects. There are some things that you might have to avoid such as soaps, lotions, or bath bubbles. This is because of their ability to cause skin irritation. This is the case with tropical methods. Basically, these methods are totally proven to be effective and will clear genital warts in no time, this is better especially when compared to many other methods such as home remedies.



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