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If You’re Asking Does HPV Go Away

Does HPV Go Away

Does HPV Go Away

HPV (human papilloma virus) creates warts in different areas of the body. HPV is very contagious, and it can be passed from one person to another when their skins get into contact with each other. Different kinds of HPV cause different illnesses. Some HPV viruses are non-lethal, while others may cause cancers. The answer to the question does HPV go away depends on the kind of HPV acquired and the health condition of the person.

This infection can also be contracted though sexual intercourse. It occurs in highly sexually active individuals through genital contacts. This virus is a very active one and gets contracted easily through any point in the genitals having any cut. Therefore only a person with a healthy immune system has better chances of combating the virus than someone who is ill.

Does HPV go away without needing treatment? Yes. Viral infections are generally self-limiting, that is, they function for only a limited amount of time before being destroyed. Warts that are caused by HPV may disappear after a year without requiring medications and treatments.

You may also become immune to the HPV when you’ve received an anti-HPV vaccine. You can build up antibodies for the different strain of this disease. With these, the strain that you build up for doesn’t get to you.

However, some HPV may cause complications. For example, HPV-induced genital warts may affect the cervix and cause cervical cancer. In this case, treatments are required.

Does HPV go away with certain treatments? Yes and no. It’s possible to remove the warts that are caused by HPV, but it’s not possible to remove the HPV itself in the body. HPV warts may be removed with medications that soften the warts and cause them to peel off from the body. Medical treatments may be done to cut, freeze or burn off the warts. Antiviral medications may be used to decrease the strength of the virus. These procedures don’t eradicate the virus from the body but helps manage it.

Does HPV go away in men?

It has been observed that a lot of men tend to ask the question “does HPV ever go away in men.” The truth is that most men who are infected with the virus do not show any signs or symptoms.

HPV can cause genital warts in men which may appear on the penis, testicles, and around the anus and thighs. A person with HPV showing no symptoms can still pass genital warts during sexual intercourse even though that person has not had sexual intercourse for a while.

Having protected sex, a healthy and hygienic lifestyle can help prevent HPV. It is still uncertain if this infection has a cure but it has been observed that quite a number of cases of HPV in men go away in just about some weeks or maybe few months.

Does HPV go away in women?

The answer to the question does HPV go away in women has really geared a lot of researches on the subject of HPV. But as to whether it goes away or not can not be really stated, but effective hpv vaccines have been produced. In order to prevent acquiring this virus this vaccines should be taken before one becomes sexually active.

In general your immunity to this infection is what restricts it from getting into you. Once any of the antibodies for the immunity you have developed is in place, you are no longer contagious to the virus but this depends on the particular strain that you have the immunity.

To answer the question does hpv go away depends on your personal health conditions and your doctor is in the best position to advise you after a thorough checkup to determine the kind of HPV you have has been done.

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