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The Best Wart Removal Treatment

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There are many people that have warts that can cause cancer. Many too afraid to remove them. Most of them hesitate because clinical methods can leave scars in many cases. It is important to find a procedure that can fix this problem without any scarring. Most people prefer home remedies for wart removal. This is because there is little no scarring. And it is often times painless. You can find whatever treatment that fits your diagnosis. Decide which one is the best wart remover for you. There is the possibility of complications and even cancer. In these situations a biopsy is mandatory.

The warts treatment usually lasts 5- 10 days. After ten days you have to consult your dermatologist again for a check-up. In this time frame, the skin cells have to be completely renewed. And also the wart disappeared so the location would be completely recovered.

Laser Wart Removal

Using this method of burning the wart requires, injecting into it an anesthetic substance. After which the burning procedure can begin at a very high temperature leading to its disappearance. The advantage of using this method is no surgery. Among the disadvantages are;

  •  scaring
  • unsuited for flat warts,
  • it can’t be sent to a biopsy if required
  • the costs of the procedure are high and it can be painful.

Surgically Wart Removal

Wart removal using this method starts by cleaning and disinfecting the area. Then an anesthetic substance is injected directly into the wart after which it is cut off. To stop the bleeding an electric needle is used. At the end, the wound is stitched. The advantage of using this procedure is that the doctor can perform a histological analysis to prevent possible melanoma. The disadvantages include;

  • complicated and painful surgery,
  • long recovery period and it can’t be done without scaring.

Electric Needle Wart Removalwart removal
It is very similar to laser wart removal. Most of the time, this procedure is used as an auxiliary method to surgery. The advantage is you don’t have to go thru surgery. However using this procedure you can’t get the wart removed without scarring. it is suitable only for flat warts. You can’t analyze it after and the procedure is expensive and painful.

Wart Removal by Freeze
It removes the wart by freezing usually with liquid nitrogen. This method destroys the warts cells by freezing them. The main advantage is no surgery. But wart removal by freezing can leave a scar, it’s very painful, the nitrogen can leave burn stains on your skin and there is no possibility of pathological analysis.
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These are just some of the methods I found that are most common. Also, keep in mind that there are many wart removal products that have proven to be very effective. You can find out what is the best over the counter wart remover.

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