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Are Genital Warts Contagious?

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Are genital warts contagiousThe problem with most of us and most societies is they do not like talking about genital warts because they consider it to be embarrassing and treat the entire subject as a huge taboo. Medics, schools and even the general public have contributed to the spreading of this disease by keeping quiet about it.

Genital warts are contagious and they are spread via sexual transmission. From a couple who have sex among themselves. Sadly research findings have revealed that the condition (genital warts) is so contagious.  Over a million people get infected with the disease every year.

Genital warts have been ranked as being the most sexually transmitted disease. On a yearly basis when all research statistics combined from around the world. The infected number of people grows to a staggering 5.8 million which makes the disease a huge calamity which should be addressed.

Genital warts are so contagious. That, pregnant women giving birth who have been infected with warts get to pass them on to their babies. If you also share a swimming/bathing suit with someone suffering from genital warts. You have a high risk of being infected with genital warts.

How Do Warts Spread?

Warts can spread and be transferred from one person to another through shared objects. Genital warts are spread through a variety of incidences. Where two or more people come into contact with an infected person or objects. That have been in contact with the infected person’s genitals. The most common way of getting infected with genital warts is by engaging in sexual activity with the infected person.

Any sexual activity whether it’s between a man and a woman, woman and woman or even man and man can lead to the spread of the disease if one partner is already suffering from a genital wart condition. Oral sex is also touted to be a fast and rapid method of spreading genital warts. and the more one is involved in oral sex the higher chances of spreading the disease to other people. by just kissing them on their cheeks or even mouths!

How To Prevent Warts From Spreading

If you or your partner suspects that you may be suffering from a genital wart infection and want to get rid of it, you should try your level best to do the following;

  • Abstain from having sex but if you must, use protection.
  • Either get professional help or go online and research for home natural wart remedies that have been proven to work.
  • Ensure that anything you were sharing such as soap, towels and even garments. that cover the genitalia are not shared and are washed at very high temperatures in the wash in order to try and kill the bacteria that was hiding in them.
  • Ensure that you carry out a thorough bathroom and toilet scrub by using the strongest disinfectant you can find.
  • Keep your body clean and avoid touching your genital area with sweaty hands. since sweaty hands are a major cause of genital warts spreading. If you greet someone with your sweaty hand and they go ahead and have the urge to scratch their genital area with the same hand and without having washed it, there is a high possibility of him/her of contracting genital warts.

Genital warts are contagious and prevention is better than cure. Even though you are cured of genital warts, there’s still a chance that it will come back. Be honest with your partner so there are no surprises in future.

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